What Are Our Shipping Options?

Our shipping partners are UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL. We use them to speed up shipping and guarantee a safe delivery.

Where MiraMateLight.com Ships To

All products are FREE & FAST shipped by UPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL. Fast Shipping to WorldWide!

Country/RegionEstimated Delivery Time
America3-5 business days
Europe7-10 business days
Countries or regions outside America and Europe5-7 business days

-MiraMate Nose and Throat Cold Laser
-MiraMate Nail Cold Laser
-MiraMate Feminine Cold Laser

How to Track Your Order

All products are shipped directly from China where our official store is located. We will send a tracking number via email once your purchase has been shipped.

Track your order by selecting the appropriate courier:

DHL: https://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.html

FEDEX: https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?action=track

TNT: https://www.tnt.com/express/en_cn/site/shipping-tools/tracking.html

UPS: https://www.ups.com/ca/en/Home.page

Our goal is to provide the most effective shipping solution. If you have any problems, please email us at support@miramate.com.

What to do if your order doesn’t arrive at the expected time.

If your package is shipped by UPS/Fedex/TNT/DHL/ and the delivery time exceeds 30 business days (excluding the customs clearance time), please contact us for help: support@miramate.com.