MiraMate mainly provides three Cold Laser products. Please check the chart to select the products you need.

 Light PadCold Laser WristCold Laser Wrist X
Working theoryCold laser therapy &
Chinese Acupuncture
Cold laser therapy &
Chinese Acupuncture
Cold laser therapy, LED therapy &
Chinese Acupuncture
Field of ApplicationHeadache, acute and chronic physical pains,
carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, etc.
Blood diseases &
nose and sinus disorders
Blood diseases,
nose and sinus disorders
& tinnitus
Treatment areaWhole bodyWrist & nasal cavityWrist, nasal cavity and ears
Pain Relief××
Mental Health××
Improve Metabolism×
Power supply optionsRechargeable Lithium-ion batteryUSB power cableUSB power cable
Side EffectsNANANA
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